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Better Ways to Connect with Customers Around the World


Sep 17


As a business owner, you are already aware that your customers are the lifeblood of your enterprise. Being able to connect with them is important in building your business relationships and driving revenue. The problem is, many companies out there don’t understand the significance of engagement and insist on pushing sales pitches down the throat of their customers. The success of recognizable brands understand that customers want to interact with them and learn some valuable things. To help you connect with your customers, here are three effective ways do so and grow your customer base at the same time.

Provide Superior Customer Service

In today’s customer-based world, customer service is an indispensable element for you to utilize. This means you must respond to your customers promptly whenever they have a concern, question, or inquiry. To make the best impact, go above and beyond this and get to know what your audience is saying about you on social media. Thank those that are raving you publicly. But when you see negative feedback, offer to make things right.

Partner Up

Partner up with another company in a different part of the world. This will enable you to tap into their current list of clients and introduce yourself to a new audience. You can also partner with local businesses, accountants, or law firms to reap similar benefits locally. A great way to illustrate this is the recent partnership between Uber and Spotify. This strategy allowed Uber passengers to use Spotify to create playlists. Another example is how the doTERRA company partnered with local growers, scientists, and other companies to make a better product. Now doTERRA products have the advantage of being made with the backing of local companies in the region they were made.

Make Time for Face-to-face Engagements

In our digital world, it might appear that it is not important for you to make some quality time for face-to-face interactions with your customers. Some businesses currently spend a lot of time and resources on digital marketing and are reaping the benefits of social media, blog posts, and other tools.

But again, go beyond this to better engage with your customers. Plan corporate events and attend industry events and trade shows for better opportunities to interact with your customers. Don’t forget that you are also able to talk shop whenever you are out and about. But if you are not able to meet your customers physically due to distance or any reason, just pick-up your phone, host a webinar or send them personalized messages.

You evidently have many great ways to reach your customers. Whichever way you choose, however, ensure it promotes transparent communication, which is imperative to building a successful business.