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The  Design Management Europe (DME) Award is the only international award dedicated to the management of design in private or public sector organisations. It recognises the ongoing processes, business decisions and strategies that enable innovation and create effectively designed products, services, communications, environments and brands providing organizational success. From preparing a design brief for an external design consultancy to the complete integration of design in the business model, all such practices are different for every organisation but require appropriate design management to be successful.


The DME Award has been organised by a network of European Design Organisation. The primary objective of the DME Award is the promotion of the strategic use of design in order to increase the competitiveness of industry and the effectiveness of our public services. The DME Award is open to both the private and public sectors and is divided into five categories of size and type of organisation.  From the completion of a questionnaire to the design of a poster, the entrants present their design management processes, strategies and procedures to a jury of internationally recognised Design Management experts who short-lists candidates and choose the final category winners.