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Dec 22


We have all the scoop on your favorite celebrities in movies, television sitcoms and reality TV programs. Plus get the lowdown on upcoming movie releases: who’s starring in them, what they’re about, and when they’ll hit theaters.

We also give you all the latest news on the world of fashion: who’s wearing what, what’s new in stores and where to go to get that look. Put together an outfit that will turn heads.

Stay informed with Cosmopolis Film! Nollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood news in one place. Keep up to date on the hottest gossip and entertainment news! Get all the latest updates with our e-magazine.

Cosmopolis Film is your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news and celebrity gossip from Nollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood! Get the latest scoop on all the hottest fashion trends, movie releases, red carpet photos and more with our e-magazine that the stars read!

Nollywood – Overview & Highlights: Nollywood is a term used for Nigerian cinema which has existed since the early 90s. Nollywood is the second largest film industry in the world by volume of films produced, after India’s Bollywood and ahead of Hollywood! Nollywood movies are often low-budget but high return blockbusters that move quickly from idea to filming to distribution within a few weeks. Nollywood is also known for its unique use of music, special effects and vibrant costumes which help create an immersive experience for audiences.

Bollywood – Overview & Highlights: Bollywood is the term used for Indian cinema which has existed since around 1913. It is one of the biggest movie industries in the world with over 1000 films being released each year! Bollywood movies are known for their colourful characters, grandiose songs and dreamy dance sequences that take place in exotic locations. Bollywood movies often revolve around the concept of ‘true love’ and have a good mix of comedy, romance and action.

Hollywood – Overview & Highlights: Hollywood is the term used for American cinema which has existed since around 1903. It is one of the oldest movie industries in the world with over 500 films being released each year! Hollywood movies are known for their high production values, cutting-edge special effects, gripping storylines and A-list casts. Hollywood is also famous for its award shows such as The Oscars, Golden Globe Awards and Emmy Awards which help promote new talent and recognise excellence in filmmaking.

Nollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood offer audiences something unique when it comes to entertainment. Nollywood is known for its low-budget, high return blockbusters; Bollywood offers colourful characters and dreamy dance sequences; and Hollywood brings us cutting-edge special effects and gripping storylines. No matter which movie industry you prefer, Cosmopolis Film has you covered with the latest celebrity gossip, news on film releases, fashion trends and more!