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Cosmopolis Film


Dec 22


Cosmopolis Film is The e-magazine that the stars read. Nollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood news.

We have all the scoop on your favorite celebrities in movies, television sitcoms and reality TV programs. Plus get the lowdown on upcoming movie releases: who’s starring in them, what they’re about, and when they’ll hit theaters. We also give you all the latest news on the world of fashion: who’s wearing what, what’s new ...

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Oct 17


Having a Great Culture: Improve Teamwork

A healthcare clinic was experiencing significant conflict with the hourly employees.  The employees were constantly arguing and complaining to the manager.  The manager became aware that the two groups of employees had divided based upon their country of national origin.  The manager was prepared to hire a new staff for the back ...

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Sep 17


What Most Women Forget About When Hiring

Conducting an interview can be challenging, based on the job opening and quality of candidates who apply for the position. When hiring a new employee, it is important to take all possible precautions to find the most qualified person for the company and the position. Certain issues are sometimes overlooked by female managers who ...

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