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How to Increase Your Business Value to Your Employer and Guarantee Your Job


Sep 17


Every employer loves to see their employees excel and most will do almost anything to keep their top performers around. Adding value to the company displays your strong commitment to both the job and the success of your employer, not to mention yourself and your team. It also places you in a strategic position for promotions and other types of career development. Here are some tips how you can add value to your employer increase your job security.


Be a Problem-Solver

Employees who are keen on finding creative solutions to the company’s problems are extremely valuable to employers. By finding solutions to problems that affect the business, you help give your employer a wide competitive margin and allow them to focus on other any other issues. For example, if you find a way to complete a team project way before the deadline, you can give yourself and your team time to catch up on other things or help other teams that are struggling. The more innovative you are, the more crucial you’ll be to your employer.


Show Initiative

Many employers seek employees who take initiative. If you can see what needs to be done and do it without having to be asked, your boss will be appreciative because a lot of employees just do the bare minimum. Help out your team members when you’re all caught up on your work and they’re bogged down. Doing so can boost your relationship with the others on your team as well as impress your employer, since it will appear you have the business’ interest at heart.


Strive to Improve

To businesses around the world, time is money. An employee who can increase the efficiency of the business, improve productivity, and add value to the business saves that business time and resources. Don’t just focus on improving the business though. Improve yourself too. While looking for ways to streamline operations within the business, don’t forget to look for ways to increase your own industry knowledge and skills. Take free online courses like coding or get a degree in your field. Doing things to expand your business knowledge during your free time will make you a model employee.


Update Technical Skills

Many employers are looking for trained professionals with up-to-date skills. This is a major consideration when hiring new staff. They also want employees who are on board with current changes and regulations in the industry. Whatever your chosen field, stay abreast of the latest developments and news by attending webinars and seminars so as to keep your skills current. If your schedule doesn’t allow for you to attend live webinars or seminars, watch them later, or research online regularly.


Improve Communication Skills

Employers prefer employees who are able to communicate clearly, confidentially and professionally in both oral and written forms of communication. Improve your communication skill so you’ll meet this preferred criterion. The better you’re able to communicate effectively while presenting, emailing, or just explaining something via Google Hangouts, the more value you will add to the business as a whole. You’ll also end up being far more confident since you’ll have so much job knowledge that you’re the person everyone on your team (and perhaps other teams) goes to for explanations.



Assessing whether you’re living up to your employer’s expectations and trying to improve yourself and the business is never a bad idea. In fact, this kind of internal assessment is the best way you can demonstrate your ability to go beyond what’s required of you. Once you can clearly illustrate the value you’ve added to the company, preferably with tangible results, the better off you’ll be when entering negotiations for promotions or pay increases. Get out there and make your employer proud.