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Feb 16


We have been improving the DME Award over the last two years and will continue to strive to offer our applicants the best possible experience. We hope you like it! 2014/15


DME Award 2014/15

In 2014, we introduced a number of minor but important changes. Firstly, we changed the name of this year’s edition from “DME Award 2014” to “DME Award 2014/15” to increase the marketing potential for our entrants. Now all of our winners and honourable mentions will be able to advertise their achievement for a whole year.


DME goes international

Opening the DME Award to international businesses and organisation became a remarkable success in 2013. This year, all DME Award applicants from Europe and outside will compete in the same categories.


Graded admin fees

Furthermore, we introduced graded administration fees. It is now FREE for micro companies to enter the DME Award.


New questionnaire

We spared ne efforts and designed a new registration questionnaire for non-profit organisations. The new questionnaire is now tailored to the particular circumstances of organisations and will make it significantly easier to enter.


New poster design and judging process

For last year’s edition of the DME Award we introduced a refined and more transparent poster design and judging process. Both changes make it significantly easier for our applicants to design their posters and illustrate their exceptional design management approaches.


DME goes international

For the first time we opened the DME Award to entries from outside Europe, with the intention of being able to benchmark the best of Europe against the best from the rest of the World. A new category for our international entrants was created.


New DME Trophy

A new 3D printed DME Award trophy was designed and proudly presented to the DME Award Winners 2013.


FREE assessment

For the DME Award 2012 we introduced a FREE two-part asessment for all of our entrants. The first part consists of an in depth analysis of our entrant’s Design Management capabilities based on the internationally recognised DME Staircase Model.

The second part of the feedback contains a detailed benchmark study. Each entrant is benchmarked against our extensive DME Award database of Design Management excellence.

The combination of both types of feedback gives our entrants a complete contextual review, highlighting the unique benefit of entering the DME Award.