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Custom Garage Cabinets From Concept To Installation

custom garage cabinets


Aug 20


Garages aren’t just for sheltering cars. Today they’re doubling as workshops, gyms, home offices and even “man caves.” Whether your garage is being used traditionally or for another purpose altogether, garage cabinets are ideal for storing all kinds of items like sports equipment, tools, gardening supplies, household goods and more.

Garage cabinets can make all the difference in how much space you have for organization solutions in your home’s biggest storage area. From top of the line custom garage cabinets to base models – you may be wondering how much garage cabinets cost and if it is in reach of your home improvement budget.  

For a typical two-car garage with several tall cabinets, upper garage cabinets, lower cabinets, and shelving – 70-80% of homeowners look at a price between $2000.00 and $5000.00 for standard white fronts, aluminum shelving, and aluminum pulls. 

Garage cabinets can streamline and add style to your garage organization system. Price points can vary depending on height, depth, width, color, material, and functionality of your custom garage cabinet install. From standard white cabinets with aluminum pulls, to rich colors that pop with custom made workstations that offer countertop space – you can figure out the average price of your garage makeover through understanding your choices. 

The importance of the modern garage is to provide the storage solutions you need to create your perfect space. Not sure where to start? Do your research, as with anything that you are going to invest in,  the best place to start your journey is online,  find a local showroom to see fully built garage storage cabinets for inspiration or visit.  Often you can view garage installation companies online and they will have images of their products and the dimensions.  They make it easy for you to envision the impact of your cabinets on your space.

Custom Garage Cabinets offers the perfect solution for the do-it-yourself homeowner wanting to eliminate garage clutter. Start by using our Online Design Tool to design your perfect storage solution. With a wide variety of cabinet sizes, choices and colors, you’ll be able to satisfy almost any need.

Your Custom garage cabinets will be built to your specifications in about a week and shipped directly to your home. Your new garage cabinets will be easy to assemble and install. And Custom Cabinets are designed for the garage environment, so they will last a long time!

Sometimes things just won’t fit in garage cabinets or drawers. When you need additional storage options or garage storage ideas for large or out-of-season items, we have the solutions. We offer storage walls, overhead storage racks, and even a garage storage closet. Now you can get those hard-to-store or bulky items off your floor but keep everything within easy reach when you need them.

Not all garage cabinets are created equal! Many “garage cabinets” are merely closet cabinets that are being used in a garage and were never designed to withstand the environment found in most garages