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Jan 21


Is marketing the same as advertising?

“Is marketing the same as advertising?” This question pops up fairly often. The purpose of this blog post is to clarify the differences between these two terms, because they are each very distinct and different words with different, yet related, meanings. The purpose of business The primary purpose of a business is to ...

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Sep 20


Are succulents good office plants?

It’s astounding how much time a person spends in the confines of their office. 40 hours a week, 40,000 hours a year! The only other room that a person spends as much time would be the bedroom, sleeping. Which is why more and more people are catching on to a new trend in office decorating: […]

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Mar 18


How to design our class rooms

01. Efficient Classroom Design Classrooms never seem to be large enough, so wasted space should be at a minimum.  There are lots of clever ideas from teachers on ways to arrange furniture and find multiple uses for fixtures that can help maximize learning areas. Desk towers, for example, can keep supplies close at hand for […]

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Jul 16


Service Design contribute to Service Branding

When a service meets the customers’ expectations and gives them a positive association and impression of the brand, than the company has created a good “brand image” in the customers mind. To be able to do this in today’s market; companies need to connect with their customers through what they do, rather than through what ...

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