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Apr 20


Why Open Concept Offices are a Terrible Concept

A few years ago, I visited a graphic design firm in Canberra, Australia, which turned out to be an awful moment in an otherwise splendid day.  I had just finished a wonderful morning visiting with some friends who work for the embassy just down the road from the Parliament House.  They introduced me to some […]

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Oct 17


Having a Great Culture: Improve Teamwork

A healthcare clinic was experiencing significant conflict with the hourly employees.  The employees were constantly arguing and complaining to the manager.  The manager became aware that the two groups of employees had divided based upon their country of national origin.  The manager was prepared to hire a new staff for the back ...

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Jun 16


5 Tips for Designing a Company Logo

When it comes to company branding, perhaps nothing is more important than having the right logo.   A logo is a symbol that helps people—hopefully your customers, clients, shareholders, etc.—quickly identify your brand. A good logo can drive business toward your company and website, while a bad one can go completely unnoticed ...

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