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Are succulents good office plants?


Sep 20


It’s astounding how much time a person spends in the confines of their office. 40 hours a week, 40,000 hours a year! The only other room that a person spends as much time would be the bedroom, sleeping. Which is why more and more people are catching on to a new trend in office decorating: putting succulents in the office. Succulents are specific kind of plant, so of all the many plants available, why choose succulents? And, if so, are succulents good office plants?

Let’s dive in.

What is a succulent?

According to botanists, succulents are plants with parts that are fleshy and engorged with water. The word succulent is derived from the Latin root “sucus” which means juicy.

Examples of succulents include aloe, cacti, and jade plant.

Succulents come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and shades of green. They are also very easy to grow in pots and are typically known to be slow-growers.

Why succulents are good office plants

(1) Succulents are good office plants because they do well in almost any lighting condition.

Whether you’re working in a cube-farm with no natural light or you’re working in a corner office suite with a ton of light, succulents are very easy to grow.

(2) Succulents are good office plants because they can survive without water for weeks at a time.

This is a great benefit, because when you leave for an extended vacation, you don’t have to worry about asking someone to keep your plants alive. Your plants will be just fine until you return.

(3) Succulents are good office plants because they clean the air

This benefit is particularly good for enclosed offices where the air doesn’t circulate and clean itself very well. Science has shown that succulents have an uncanny ability to improve air quality.

(4) Succulents are good office plants because they come in handy sizes

You can buy succulents as small as 3 inches for placement on your desk or up to 10 feet for placement in the corner on the floor (if you happen to have the CEO suite!).

(5) Succulents are good office plants because they are art

That’s right. Not only will your plants serve a purpose of cleaning the air, but they are beautiful to look at and evoke calmness. Many succulents have very intriguing geometric shapes and patterns, making them some of the more interesting potted plants around.

(6) Succulents are good office plants because they last for a very long time

Succulents can live for years without repotting or replanting. With a little feather dusting and occasional watering, succulents will not only stay alive, but they will thrive for many years to come!


In conclusion, considering the many hours you spend in the office each week, why not treat yourself and beautify your office. A great place to start is by getting some succulents.