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5 Best Ways to Use VoIP to Help Your Small Business


Oct 17


Voice-over IP services have flooded the market in recent years. They promise reduced costs, flexibility, and are easy to install and use on the go. Starting up a small business is constantly demanding and challenging. Good business practices dictate that taking care of the customers should be the first priority. With a VoIP service, they make that goal front and center by providing high-quality products. Here are the five best ways to use VoIP to help your small business.

Staying Mobile

Today’s small businesses require the ability to stay mobile. VoIP’s provide the opportunity to take your phone anywhere and have instant access to employees and customers. It saves you money because one account can cover your dedicated line at your place of business and personal numbers for yourself and your employees.

Track Advertising

Dedicated phone lines give you a leg up against your competition. These phone lines can be tied directly to your advertising. VoIP’s allow you access to multiple virtual phone numbers. Each of these phone numbers can be used for different purposes. An online advertising campaign’s success can be measured by the number of phone calls that it drives. A separate VoIP virtual phone number can be used to measure mailers that have been sent out. It’s up to you, but the possibilities for advertising are endless.

Conference Calls

No matter where your employees and staff may be, they are only one call away from being in direct contact. Whether it’s a video conference or just a phone call, VoIP allows you to stay in constant communication at a moment’s notice. Small businesses need flexibility for their employees and management so the ability to call in from anywhere—even overseas—gives you the best chance at staying near the top of your industry.

Real Time Collaboration

Conference calls aren’t the only way to use VoIP for your small business. A terrific advantage of the service is that you can collaborate in real time. Sharing a desktop can be done with ease over VoIP. This gives you and other employees the chance to work remotely and stay in contact. Work on a project at the same time as a co-worker to stay on the same page and finish on time.

Multiple Languages

VoIP allows a small business to receive multiple virtual phone numbers. As a small business in a globalized world, it’s important to meet the needs of many customers with diverse backgrounds. Creating different virtual phone numbers for separate languages allows your business to be ahead of the pack. Customers or providers can call their dedicated language line and get top quality service.



Today’s small businesses demand flexibility and functionality when it comes to their phone provider. VoIP services promise lower costs, portability, and easy to use systems to get you up in running in no time. The uses of VoIP for your small business can consolidate many functions into one service.


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